Greenwood Energy produces cost-effective renewable energy for customers seeking a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative form of generation.

Greenwood Energy is focused on three business areas: manufacturing a cleaner, cost-effective and renewable solid fuel that can directly replace coal, investing in alternative energy technologies and developing clean energy assets.

We use non-recyclable manufacturing waste – all destined for local landfills – to create sustainable fuel pellets that handle and burn with the performance qualities of coal but significantly lower emissions. At the same time, we have developed a platform to invest in projects that produce clean, baseload power to our customers.

The global debate on carbon footprint reduction coupled with the rising cost of traditional energy sources and methods means the need for cleaner power has never been greater. A growing number of customers are recognizing the advantages that Greenwood Energy solutions can deliver. These include major single-site organizations with energy generation needs such as universities, hospitals and manufacturers, and industrials with large quantities of recyclable waste. For example, Greenwood is developing a fuel cell power plant to be installed at Central Connecticut State University to provide ultra-clean and reliable “off the grid” power to the school.

Complementing our investments in alternative energy, our engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) capabilities allow us to deliver cost effective photovoltaic installations to our customers. Greenwood Biosar is reducing the cost of generating clean energy and is helping customers reduce their carbon footprint.

We are part of the Libra Group, a privately owned international business group operating from 25 locations across four continents. Libra also has substantial renewable energy interests in Europe through its subsidiary EuroEnergy, which is a prime operator in the European renewable market for clean energy from wind, solar and biomass sources. EuroEnergy works with governments and power suppliers to find newer, more sustainable ways of generating energy and meeting climate change reduction targets. Other Libra subsidiaries are involved principally in shipping, aviation, hospitality and real estate.



The Better Buildings Challenge is a national leadership initiative that calls on top business leaders, university presidents and government leaders to make a significant commitment to building energy efficiency in buildings across the country. Greenwood Energy committed $50 million to the initiative.


The EPA Combined Heat and Power Partnership program advocates the implementation of high-efficiency combined heat and power technology to reduce the environmental impact of power generation.