Greenwood Energy offers effective solutions for the modern solar power market


Greenwood Energy has a strong track record through investing in alternative energy technologies and developing clean energy assets. The global debate on carbon footprint reduction coupled with the rising cost of traditional energy sources and methods means the need for cleaner power has never been greater and Greenwood Energy solutions can deliver a number of partnership options in this space.

Greenwood is currently expanding into Latin America, where it had acquired and partnered with several local solar and wind developers. The core markets of focus outside of the US are Mexico, Panama and Chile but Greenwood is also developing projects in other countries on a more opportunistic basis.

We are part of the Libra Group, a privately owned international business group which controls 30 subsidiaries  operating across five continents. Libra also has substantial renewable energy interests in Europe through its subsidiary EuroEnergy, which is a prime operator in the European renewable market for clean energy from wind, solar and biomass sources. Greenwood has a strategic relationship with EuroEnergy which undertook the Libra Group’s first solar investment in 2005 through the acquisition of a local developer. EuroEnergy works with governments and power suppliers to find newer, more sustainable ways of generating energy and meeting climate change reduction targets. Other Libra subsidiaries are involved in shipping, aviation, hospitality and real estate as well as a range of diversified investments.